Five Brides-to-be.


Engaged Igbo ancient
Engaged Northern Igbo women, turn of the 20th century. Image from here.



8 thoughts on “Five Brides-to-be.

  1. Looking at this picture through, black western eyes..I see nothing but ugly subservience and degradation. If Igbo men think there is anything aesthetically pleasing about how these women and your culture is presented here, they you must really be sick. Where is the dignity? Is that how you would like your daughters to be paraded? This picture is not to be celebrated but to be presented in its correct context – women photographer by white men as evidence for some racist projection. Get your fucking heads right and take down this picture.

    1. Thank you for commenting!

      You might need a bit of a history lesson. This is how women carried and presented themselves, naked. This is how they went about until they were married and began to cover up their lower bodies (at first) and then upper as time went on. The photographer captured them in their habitat AS THEY WERE. Maybe check out that site for other photos and educate yourself. Also books? I can recommend a few.

      These are not women shackled and displayed. These are women at a turning point of their lives, lovingly bathed and decorated in preparation for marriage. Maybe it’s your ‘black Western eyes’ adding all those unnecessary – incorrect – layers of shameful meaning.

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