Eh-he, where was I sef?

So, the last we spoke, I was heading back to the UK. Did I mention with a baby in tow? Yes, I have myself a very Yankee baby but who even begged me? In this Buhari/Brexit/Trump economy I went to go and have another baby. Nappies are expensive. I am just wondering why we cannot just do the old thing of getting a shit-eating dog to clean up after babies the way people in the village used to. Think about it. First you save the Pampers money, then, you don’t bother buying dog food because the baby has enough to keep the dog going. Win-win!

And, it’s good for the environment too. Triple win!

Anyway, what’s been happening with you guys? Gist me. I am slaving over the 19385th copy of my novel because I cannot afford to misrepresent myself and my ancestors at this my age. Oya, over to you. I am coming.

4 thoughts on “Eh-he, where was I sef?

  1. 😀😁😂😀😁😂😀😁😂
    Yes oooo times are realy very tough.
    In Nigeria it is time for political campaign
    for the 9ty something political parties.
    Nigeria we hail thee.
    Hope you all are ok.

  2. congratulations on the new baby, Just thought about you the other day and how much I missed your writing. Biko, don’t be a stranger. Nkita na eri nsi, nke a bu ezigbote investment ooo especially in this economy

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