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Another short story in Luna Station Quarterly.

The superwomen over at Luna Station Quarterly liked another one of my stories well enough to publish it. It’s called ‘Bossy Boots’ and is out today. Woohoo! Issue 19 baby! Excelleeeeent! *Plays Bill and Ted riff*

I really enjoyed writing this story, I love how the protagonist appeared out of nowhere in the dead of night. It was as if she was waiting for my mind to be exhausted enough to drop its defences and let her in. I did and I do not regret it. She is bawse; sly, smart, slinky, sensual and sensitive. I kinda have the hots for her. I love the relationship between both main characters. 

I hope this feeling never gets old. I hope I never stop feeling ecstatic that more people will get to read my stories. I hope that I will always find someone who wants to publish my sci-fi/weird fic/spec fic/whatever-the-hell-fic-you-choose-to-call-it. I hope people will enjoy reading them.

Enjoy reading it, why don’t you? (Or in the immortal thoughts of every writer: likemelikemelikemelikemelikeme!)

You can find my story here and access the full index of weird and wonderful here. 

Remember, if you’re a woman writer and meet their criteria, Luna Station want you. They are currently closed for submissions but if you leave your contact details, you will be notified when they open again. 

Please consider supporting the magazine by buying the ebook. Some of us have kids that are starting school soon. It’s to buy biscuits. You understand. *Blows juju powder*