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Want to see the Half of a Yellow Sun film for FREE? Here’s how.

So, I have got 7, that’s right 7 tickets to see Half of a Yellow Sun on Thursday, the 20th of March at 9pm at the Institute of Contemporary Art here in London.

(I think it is on Sunday the 16th at BFI but you have to pay for that, so if you have no patience, you could see that instead.)

Now to the catch, because there is one. This offer is available as part of a discussion titled ‘Art: Business ‘Coexistence or Contradiction’ which AABRU ART is hosting. The discussion will last from 7.15 – 8.15 pm, followed by drinks from 8.15 – 9.00pm at which point the film will start. Not a bad night eh? And like I said before, it’s FREE.

The panel will feature HOAYS film director Biyi Bandele, Baroness Lola Young of the House of Lords and the BBC’s Nkem Ifejika whom you all know is a business reporter. You have Nkem to thank for the tickets! To get a ticket (one per person please. I will be checking IPs.) just answer the following question:

  • Who is Elnathan John and how is he connected to the director of HOAYS Biyi Bandele?

That’s it! Good luck, Jonathan.

Aabru Art is hosting a week-long series of events on contemporary West African Art.  Click here for more information.

Blog Giveaway: Chewy, chocolatey chunks of fun.


Yes friends, it’s another grey Friday in London. It’s grey with an even greater chance of grey as the grey rises in the grey. Instead of going on a shin/crotch kicking spree like any other entitled Londoner, I have decided instead to go to my happy place.

It’s true. I am in my happy place. Right now I am about eight-years old and I have just received my first Choco Milo. My mouth is watering. I know it will taste divine, after all nobody lies in adverts. I unwrap the little green cube, noting its silvery insides and the bits of brown powder stuck in the sharpened corners of the wrapper. I wet one finger and and dip it in the powder. Some of it comes off in my hand, the rest stays behind to form a brown spot that looks so chewy, I want to cry. Such a tease, this Choco Milo.

I tip my head back and raise my hand. It’s as if I am in slow motion. I watch the cube tumble. I am not afraid that the corners will cut my throat as there is a pool of saliva waiting to receive it. It falls into my mouth and I close my eyes…

Suddenly the Choco Milo is flying out of my mouth, taking with it a lot of sweet brown saliva.

“WHO GAVE YOU THAT CHOCO MILO?!” It’s my mother. I know I am going to die.

OK, so it’s not my happy place after all. Maybe you can do better? I’d love to get your descriptions of your own happy place; it could be a geographical location, a memory or a fantasy. It could even be a person, if you want. 100 cubes for 100 words. The best one wins these tasty little babies. I’ll name the winner next Friday and I will send this packet ANYWHERE in the world.

Good luck.