My short story in Running out of Ink magazine

Hello blogfam! Kegwan?

Today is Nigeria’s Independence Day and to celebrate I am coining new words to reflect the fact that I am a little bit of both, born in Nottinghamshire, raised in Nigeria.

‘Kegwan’ is coined from ‘Kedu’ , the short form of ‘Kedu ka i mere’ which means ‘How are you?’ in Igbo and ‘Wagwan’, the Jamaican bastardisation of the same, popular among the yoof in London.

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that ‘Kegwan’ is not great.

I tell you what is though; my short story made it into Running out of Ink magazine! Huzzah! You can read it here or on the magazine cover above to get access to the whole index.

Leave me your thoughts. I will be glad of them. Till then, it’s back to the grindstone for yours truly.

Have a wonderful October 1st if you’re Nigerian. If you aren’t, a wonderful month ahead.

13 thoughts on “My short story in Running out of Ink magazine

  1. Goodness gracious girl that was amazing.

    Been following ur blog for a bit but I don’t think I ever felt this compelled to comment. Feels like u reached into my soul and pulled out this piece from one of the many conversations in this battle against my pudgy mid-section.

    Glad to say the fight for me is going well, should sit down and share my progress one of these days.

    Don’t stop doing what ur doing here. Priceless.

    1. Thank you so much! I have just taken a look at your blog actually. What are you going to replace ‘Homegrown Ltd’ with? You never did say.

      1. My apologies. I’m just seeing your reply to my comment. Probably didn’t tick the box to get a notification, just saw this on my WordPress backpage.

        There are two specific projects in the works, can’t disclose their nature or names yet, but I’ll definitely update everyone once they are up and running.

  2. Not what i need to be reading as i write my grocery list. i was doing so well too lol. Great piece babe. You deserve the rocky road ice cream 😉

  3. so good…..ilaputago onwe gi…you just invited the cockroaches but not failure….masterpiece….still waiting for my book oo…

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