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Epilogue and Rigi-rigi things.

I have almost completed my first draft; all 15 chapters, done, redone, sent off to readers, rewritten, tweaked and stacked. All that’s left is the epilogue and after 19 hours, I have decided to give myself a break and tackle it with fesh eyes tomorrow.

To celebrate the approaching conclusion of this enterprise (I’m igbo. You celebrate the potential of something and also the thing itself), I went trawling through Youtube and found this gem:

Why on earth he uses auto-tune is when he can sing like this is beyond me. If you haven’t heard this track, I guarantee that you will love it; it’s mellow and smoky and very mature. But it wouldn’t be very Flavoursome if it didn’t have a special twist at the end. Ajo nwa. (Me? Obsessed?)

My deadline is on Monday. Until then, my friends.

Ka chi foo.

Igbo romance can be difficult to write.

You all know I have been writing a romance novel. It’s going well, thanks for asking. Only about 13,000 words to go, which should be fine if I do 1,000+ words every day.

“But what on earth are you doing here, woman? Aren’t you supposed to be writing?” You say. Yes, I am supposed to be writing, but the characters are not cooperating with my synopsis, which is pissing me off. DO they know how long it took me to write? (57 minutes. I will never get that back!)

So, quelle suprise, the main characters are Igbo and the story is set in Igbo land – contemporary of course. But the problem is, this girl she is too Igbo in her head. You know how in Ndi ocha books and films, the friction between the main characters is usually because of repressed passion? And you know how on some dark, stormy night they are trapped somewhere and the friction and anger leads to passionate embraces and kisses? Well, my main character doesn’t do that. Is it too much to ask for an Igbo girl to just be NORMAL? No. When the man excites her, her heart starts beating faster, her mouth dries up…she feels the desire to…slap him.

Bush thing.

It’s got so bad now that I’m almost at the end of the book and apart from a near-miss kiss, nothing’s happened. And I have two chapters to go! Grrr.

Mana I won’t, lie. I miss those relationships were you drew out the frisson until you could just about not stand it – the entire relationship, the part that you really wanted to do but didn’t have the guts because you knew that one day your mother would be kneeling in front of her altar praying and suddenly have the Virgin Mary appear to her Aokpe-style and tell her exactly what you were up to, stayed in your head. That’s why Igbo girls can send out confusing vibes. How do you continue to onu gbajie bois and be hard to get when you’ve done bad things to the man in your head? (Guys, if you only knew!)

Anyway, that’s the Igbo way. But I do wish this chick would just be and put the guy out of his confusion.

I mean com’on. You can only slap a man so much before the romance dies.

Thank yous, romance novels and Igbo absurdities.

I would like to thank you all for reading, commenting and sharing your thoughts on this blog in the year 2011. However, WordPress informs me that I have a few people to thank more than others.

Madame Sting was one of my top five referrers, so thank you very much for that. And you’re forgiven for blogging about soya milk. I have a weakness for Alpro!

 Ladyngo is next for driving traffic to this blog, so a big, fat  thank you from me. Check out her blogroll, you will find one or two surprises like I have. Quite varied. Also she’s one of my top commenters. Extra hugs. I owe you a gourd of sweet palm wine.

Other top commenters were: Ginger, Uche, Vera and Kiki Morena. Thank you very very much ladies. It get to a point when ‘Thanks’ doesn’t seem like enough. I’m contemplating naming my next child after you lot, but Ginger UV Kiki Morena sounds like an ultraviolet biscuit laughing ‘kikikiki’, ‘Morena’ being the name of the biscuit factory owner. Enough said.

And to all of you others who posted either my posts on your Facebook walls (Ijeoma Anusionwu and co), or commented on mine (Ogo Okpala), for people who retweeted me (Nkem) and people who just read without saying anything, daalu nu o. You people have dne well. Here’s hoping that 2012 brings more of the same…only better and more fequently.

Now everyone say ‘Ami’.

In other news, I am going to be merging my blogs to form one giant blog. So, igbogirlguide.com will be joining this one. This is because it’s harder for me to update the both of them when I have my hands full with caring for tot in addition to writing. I’ll make the categories such that if you’d rather read content geared towards snagging an Igbo man, you’ll find it and vice versa.

In other other news, I am currently in the process of writing my first romance novel commissioned by a Nigerian publisher (YAY!). They are looking at getting it published in March so I have ZERO time to finish it. I guess what I am saying is that I am so sorry to love you and leave you, but between sick tot (yes, he’s still displaying) and writing, I’m stretched a bit too thin. Unfortunately, I have been forbidden by my editor from posting any excerpts so I cannot leave you with anything to read…for now. But you can be sure that as soon as it’s published I will do!

That’s all for now. I will miss you but I’ll only be gone until the end of the month. I’ll try to stop my brain remembering more Igbo absurdities till then.