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Hello my people!

I’m baaaack!

I finally ended the novel at 64, 902 words in 30 days which was not so bad.  You can read it here. It needs to be tweaked an edited but I’ll just leave that til January. The novel will be up on that blog till Friday next week – that’s the 9th of December. After that, it’s coming down.

So, it’s December o! This is the time many Igbo men the world over live for. Am I lying? It’s like January to November = Toil, December = Enjoyment with more than a smattering of showing off.

We don’t have good roads in Nigeria but somehow the newest models of cars make their way into even the most remote of villages. O di egwu. Anyway, this was just to say that I am back and I will bring the tori next week or a certain December experience…he he he. But let me get my bearings first. Spending the whole month in a fictional universe is messing with my head.