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Some kind of village romance

Hubs is into his OHTV and BET and AIT. He flicked to hiTV and I saw this video:

I didn’t know of the singer before now but I have since learned she is Chidinma, Season 3 winner of Nigerian music talent show, Project Fame.

Her singing is not too bad. I’d go as far as to say it’s quite nice. I like the concept of the video down to her romance with the village palm wine tapper on his bicycle.

My only niggle? No Igbo maiden of that age would have a wrapper tied so short. (I can just hear my grandmother’s voice in my head: Gini? Are you mad? In fact why are you exposing your laps to all and sundry when your mates are tying *ukwu akwa n’abo and have three children each? Ifele eme chi.)

* A married Igbo woman is symbolised by the two wrappers she ties on her waist, on on top of the other.