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Flavour N’abania: Philosopher

Continuing in my lust zeal fascination with the chunk of Awesome-made-flesh that is Flavour N’abania, I recently found out another facet of him to admire – and one more pleasing to Hub’s sensibilities than the bit I was previously obsessed journalistically concerned with (Hint: My previous obsession happens during the words Kporoko kpom kpo tom kpo and sawa sawa sawa lee, but I digress).

The philosophy I’m talking about occurs in first line of the Ashawo remix. Ala daalu ada adago – Breasts that have fallen, remain fallen. How apt! For only yesterday I was walking by the mirror in Tot’s room and noticed that my assets had depreciated in value. My shape just looked odd. So, using my hands I returned them to their original position and I found myself standing straighter, breathing better. The world was just in HD. I let them go. Black and white. Picked them up, HD. I thought to myself: WWFND? (Ten points to Gryffindor for the first person to get this one). Well, he would build the shit out of it but since breasts have no muscle, that’s moot. I could build my core muscles and back muscles so I stand differently but Flavour would still be right. Ala daalu ada will remain fallen.

So I’m doing the next best thing: Bra shopping! As soon as Tot’s done with them again, these babies are getting the best support money can buy.

For you see, ala can daa all it wants, but it’s no match for a La Perla bra. He he he, Flavour. How do you like them apples? Yes. That’s what I thought.