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Weekend Ramblings: Mosquito bumps and ancestral copulations.

Children in this country are something else. 

As a postgraduate student, I used to work part time in M&S to earn/supplement my allowance. I hated the late shift during winter because it meant that you arrived around one pm or two and left around 10pm. This in itself was not too bad. I just put my head down and got on with it until it was closing time.

What got me was the walk to the bus stop afterwards. Management advised that female staff  leave in groups thus covering their asses so that you wouldn’t sue if you got raped  because they cared for our well-being. Continue reading Weekend Ramblings: Mosquito bumps and ancestral copulations.

Oops! I did it again.

Maka why? Mba nu. The oily Simon-from-Blue body is not sexy. And I know you all heard him say ‘Shivorrr’. Razz to the max, LOL.

And if you’re wondering why I just did another Flavour post, blame yourselves. I’ve been getting pings of the video on ALL my media since I woke up this morning.

Weekend Ramblings

  1.  Winter in London is one season that makes me so glad I am a fat cow.

2. Teenage boys really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, stink. I passed a group of them in the aisle of a supermarket. They smelled like boiled eggs that had gone bad. I almost vomited. That is to say, I tried to vomit. It retreated deep into my gut and stayed there. Even my mess wasn’t touching that mess.

3. Looks like I inherited my mama’s skin. Not one pimple, then out pops a child and suddenly I can’t get rid of the stuff.

What’s next?