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Epilogue and Rigi-rigi things.

I have almost completed my first draft; all 15 chapters, done, redone, sent off to readers, rewritten, tweaked and stacked. All that’s left is the epilogue and after 19 hours, I have decided to give myself a break and tackle it with fesh eyes tomorrow.

To celebrate the approaching conclusion of this enterprise (I’m igbo. You celebrate the potential of something and also the thing itself), I went trawling through Youtube and found this gem:

Why on earth he usesĀ auto-tuneĀ is when he can sing like this is beyond me. If you haven’t heard this track, I guarantee that you will love it; it’s mellow and smoky and very mature. But it wouldn’t be very Flavoursome if it didn’t have a special twist at the end. Ajo nwa. (Me? Obsessed?)

My deadline is on Monday. Until then, my friends.

Ka chi foo.