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Dear Njideka (9)

Hopewell or whatever,

Look I am not in your class, nor grade. I don’t have your time. You say you love me and I ask, is it by force? I don’t want and now you are calling me a small girl. You yourself are not mattured either, must every woman fall for you just because you like her? I told you I have a boyfriend, you insulted him, I should not insult you back?

You berra upgrade yourself Hopewell because the world ha gone digital. And please, don’t write me any nonsense text again.



Dear Njideka (8)

It is a pity. A dem pity. I thought you was matured but it is now that I know that a standing breast is not a sign of maturity. It is me you are insulting, and for what? Because I love you? Because I told you I love you? Am I the forced man to do TT? Am I the forced man talking to you?

Peradventure you think I am not a somebody. Let me tell you, I am a somebody. I have just opened another shop in cloth section selling jorj and woodin and many many other things and this December gonna be great in this market. Not because I am writing you letter.

I thought you were matured but now I know. You are a small girl. Anyway, it is my fault.

Hopewell Okoronta Esq.

Dear Njideka (6)

Dear Njideka,

You have to be carefule. Beware of those people who seek to corrupt and deceive you. Beware of men who only want your flower. All this boyfriend boyfriend, it is not every man who says he loves you that truely loves you. You have to shine ya eyes. You have to be careful, Njide.

I am willing to give you chances to change your mind, Njide because my love for you is real. I want your heart not your waist.

Hopewell Okoronta.