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Henhouse Prowlers performing ‘Chop My Money’

Someone just sent me this video of American bluegrass band, Henhouse Prowlers performing P-Square’s ‘Chop My Money’ in Abuja and I just think it’s awesome – the energy of the people in the room especially, their appreciation, just made me break out in goose pimples.

See for yourself.

The Okoye brothers and why some Igbo boys’ money should be chopped.

I laughed at this video because a lot of Igbo boys I know are like this. Their salaka is too much, biko. When you dash and dash like this, after marriage what will you give her then eh? I swear, that’s why a lot of you slack after the wedding.


During courtship: Porsche Panamera (or other car) + funky coloured hair-do, which of course you paid for.

After wedding: Jacked-up hair + waking her up in the middle of the night with “Bia, nwanyi. Ji arulu aru na-agu m” and expecting her to roast yams at that time of the night.


OK, OK, fine. I have been told I am hard on your guys but really, it’s all love.