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Eze comes to London!


I had to wait until This Boy was down for his nap before I could risk opening the package that these came in and taking a photo.

You see, it’s his birthday next week and This Boy loves books. If he had caught me, eh, I would have spent the rest of today reading and re-reading them until I was coughing up dust with every word.

I am so excited! I ordered them from a website called Amamife – ‘Knowledge’, how apt – which I have since nicknamed Ngwa-Ngwa because of their super fast delivery.

I also found some Pacesetters books Africabookcentre.com, which is great. I can finally finish my collection. At £5.70 they are more expensive than I used to buy them on Pacesetters.com (at £4.40) but the latter website – as of yesterday – has simply disappeared, so I’ll have to pay the higher price. Every Igbo bone in my body aches at the thought.

Back to the Eze books, I can’t wait to see This Boy’s face next week. Right now, mine looks like this: