‘Pure Water’: My short story in Eclectica Magazine

My short story ‘Pure Water’ is out today in Eclectica Magazine.

Read it here.

I’d been going to say more but I have the weight of today’s word count hanging around my neck.

(Please do NOT read it if your name is Obiageli and you are my mother. I will not be available for comment. Ever.) 🙂

9 thoughts on “‘Pure Water’: My short story in Eclectica Magazine

  1. Hi, first time commenting, quiet reader. I think you are super hilarious and awesome. I am not done reading, but I had to come back and ask, is this Queen’s College, Yaba you wrote about? The Princi, zapping, pick pin, everything reminds me of my secondary school days. Okay, back to the story.

    1. Hi and thank you for leaving a comment. No, I didn’t go to Queen’s College but I suppose the similarities are pretty common in most boarding schools.

  2. Absolutely love the way you write. In few words you painted a complete three-dimensional character and threw in some back story for good measure. Thoroughly enjoyed the story (with the right amount of mixed feelings 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more tales from you.

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