Ghana Must Go: Nigeria’s Expulsion of Immigrants

In case you ever wondered about where the term ‘Ghana Must Go’ came from, this excellent post by my friend Chiamaka, tells you.

Anne Chia's Freedom Square

Every Ghana-must-go bag has a story. It’s usefulness and fame in Nigeria arrived in late January 1983, when the President of Nigeria, Alhaji Shehu Shagari, held a press conference and ordered all immigrants without the right papers to leave the country within a few weeks. There were over two million people; one million were Ghanaians, and the rest were from a mix of other West African countries.

“If they don’t leave, they should be arrested and tried, and sent back to their homes. Illegal immigrants under normal circumstances, should not be given any notice whatsoever. If you break a law, then you have to pay for it”, he said in a statement.

Ghana must go patterns. Ghana must go patterns.

According to Aremu in the African Research Review (2013), this statement was greeted by a barage of criticism from the international community. Most of these immigrants lived in Lagos and had arrived during…

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1 thought on “Ghana Must Go: Nigeria’s Expulsion of Immigrants

  1. yes. ghana must go. The all purpose bag. I was surprised when I saw them displaced in a London shop. Now in S.A. it is not only Nigerians must go but Nigerians must die. Nigerians were in the front fighting for then during the apartheid era now we are getting killed. There is GOD OOO.

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