My short story in Omenana

Omenana issue two is out (long may it continue!) and my story is in it. I’m sure you all remember me being so pleased when they launched that I wrote a post about it here.

Please read the magazine and support African speculative fiction by sharing your favourite stories on your various social media platforms. There is something in it for every lover of science fiction/Fantasy. Also if you’re an African SF/F writer, you’re in luck. Omenana is bi-monthly so you have two months to get your short stories and essays ready for submission. Read guidelines here.

Click on the magazine to access the index.



2 thoughts on “My short story in Omenana

  1. Great! Look forward to reading it, and in other things, in response to the email you sent me yesterday and which I have been trying to load a reply to for hours (foolish frozen google, foolish internet), YES, please send it to me, I’d love to read….

    1. Excellent! Thrilled to bits, thank you. I’ve submitted that one already though. Finished another today. Would you rather read that?

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