Tot’s new ichaka.


A friend came from Nigeria today and brought along an ichaka for the Tot. It’s a musical instrument, like some kind of inside-out maraca. This one is made with beads but the ones I grew up with are different.Usually the seeds taken from the gourd plant are interlinked with thread into this unique net pattern and attached over the now hollow gourd.


The music produced sounds a bit like a maraca when its made from the seeds of the  gourd. These plastic beads are a lot louder.

This is what it sounds like:

3 thoughts on “Tot’s new ichaka.

  1. ichaka…..the good old days, egwu atilogwu, egwu independence, egwu christams,……

    nne eh….so proud of what you are doing for your son,

    most people living abroad dont realize that too much oyibo peeper is not good until you take ur kid out and gbam…..ur secret is out in the open

    1. Ooh, I don’t know what it is in English o. I mean, you could call it a rattle (English) and it is related to a maraca (Spanish). I am not really sure.

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