A different kind of job.



Taking some time out of my day to make Tot an Igbo educational book.

He already has Mbido Igbo 1 but it’s such a shambolic book; cheap paper, pictures not clear, just terrible. I can’t believe it’s the same book we used in Primary 1. The quality nowadays is just plain awful.



Surprisingly it photographs clearer than it actually is. But can you see the drawings on the next page bleeding through? AND CAN YOU SEE ‘O, OMO’? Are these people for real?!

Anyway, I can’t do much worse. At least mine is already on coloured paper. Much more interesting for a toddler.


And I intend to include MODERN contraptions which this book still lacks (no mobile phones for instance). I mean for chrissakes, this is the fourth edition made in 2008 and they’re still counting in kobo. Where will any Nigerian child find kobo these days? Just make them count stones or udara fruits or mangoes or something.


Maybe I’ll put it up when it’s done. I’m giving myself 30 minutes a day till it’s finished. My time’s expired now since I blogged instead. Back to writing for me.

3 thoughts on “A different kind of job.

  1. My mum came back from Naija with one of those books last November for my kids. My daughter actually enjoys learning from it. And it reminds me of a few words I’d forgotten. 🙂

    1. I remember a few years ago I suddenly thought of ‘Ocho nga n’oko’ and it wouldn’t leave my head. It’s kinda what led to my re-Chris Mbalism of recent times. The first time I heard it was in his song. I was 5. What words have you remembered?

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