Throwback: Birthday playlist. Also Chris Mba is a sexy beast.

Now what kind of Nigerian would I be if I did not introduce my son to the only version of ‘Happy Birthday’ he should ever sing? Or these other fantastic songs that coloured every birthday party in the eighties/early nineties?

What  birthday party songs do you remember from your childhood? Let  me know  your birthday party playlist in the comment box!

And finally…(Thank you Waffarian for this!)

Anyone that tells me that Chris Mba is not a sex god is a liar and God is watching that person. Look at the manly forearm vein. Those superhero shoulder pads, sleeves well rolled. See that Soul Glo’, sef. Thank you Kessing Sheen! Whatever, man. Chris Mba is a legend.

9 thoughts on “Throwback: Birthday playlist. Also Chris Mba is a sexy beast.

  1. Lol. For me it was Evi Edna. And God we used to mess up the lyrics :’you look so good you look so fine, you have sweet birthday tins’ *covering face and running away*

  2. Oh Gosh me…where do i start from….A birthday wasn’t complete if Yvonne Maha Maha was not in the playlist – Wings of a Dove, Going to School, Don’t treat me like a child;

    yvonne chaka, Onyeka Onwuenu, Sunny Okosun or Chris Okotie..
    Majek fashek – send down the rain;
    Alex Zito – Baby Walakolombo
    Chris Mba – baby don’t cry
    Felix Liberty – Ifeoma …
    Mike Okri – Time na Money
    Christy Essien – Seun Rere
    Ras Kimono, etc…

    .Now Chris Mba..once i started listening to the song, my sides were gone….my siblings would tease me a lot when we were young…at a point i wanted, wished and prayed that miraculously my name would change from Nkiruka to something else…haha

    Then the goodies, chichi sweet, Bazooka, malta sweet, buttermint…

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