A quick trip to the Supermarket – First world problems

I thought I should reblog this to help you all shop sensibly this Christmas. Every little helps, yes. But only when you’ve got money!

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I made what I planned would be a quick stop at the supermarket this morning to pick up two items, Ribena and some ham. Tesco-LogoAs the automatic doors of my local Tesco Extra swung open ushering me into the world of retail excess, I remembered that we are on our last tube of toothpaste. Since I had not written a list, I chanted the three items in my head over and over again so I would not forget any.

Three small items do not require a trolley but I was feeling lazy and could not be bothered to carry a basket. So I grabbed a trolley and went into the store. I usually have a knack for picking out trolleys with wobbly wheels which make me look like I am trying to steer a 10-tonne articulated lorry. But this trolley worked like a charm, it actually went in the direction…

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4 thoughts on “A quick trip to the Supermarket – First world problems

  1. Whew! All done. Not sure how I stumbled on your blog, Nwunye, but I have left the tab open on my computer all week long and I am proud to say I just finished reading every single blog post. Definitely a pleasure. I can’t believe how Igbo I am. Excellent writing, sister!

    1. Why, thank you! You read them all? Nne, you’re hardcore o! Thank you. This particular post is not from me though, it’s reblog from thewordsmythe.wordpress.com.

      1. Yes I’m well aware.
        Btw my favorite was the ‘gbalu m krisimesi’ …totally hilarious!! That drawing was off the hook! Man, I was scared of those village girls ( or old layers, if you please)

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