Dear Njideka (4)

My darling Njide,

I saw you yesterevening, around Babies section with that your friend that has a huge bottom. Njide, I tried to call you but my feeble cries of love were drowned away by the scallywags – Okwy London and his companions – calling after your friend. As if you have need of creams, Njide! Your skin is like coco-India. Your hair is so thick and black, no Yaki can compare.  I would gladly  fought them all, but I did not want you to think me as one with such touts.

When we know each other better, Njide, I will happily fight for you. I will die for you. I will catch a grenade for you, Njide. I am dying of love. Please release me from this madness. I am not asking for much. I would not dare ask for much, only that you talk to me, just one time. You can even come with your short friend with the huge bottom, if that will help you to prove my love. I will not even look at her, at all, at all. I only have eye for you.

I know you will soon resume schooling, so you have my freedom to come to the shop and take any book you need. Please give me permission to establish a courtship ritual with you, Njide. I will not disappoint you.

In love with you,



6 thoughts on “Dear Njideka (4)

  1. Dear Hopewell: If you use your hand to catch that grenade, then which hand will you use to caress my coco-India skin? Or feed me the way boyfriend-girlfriend supposed to feed each other? Hopewell, you have only thought about this 1ce. Please think 2ce.

    Your soon-to-be Njide

  2. Hope well??????????? even your name doesn’t give me much hope… why is it only hand grenade you want to catch? eh???????? even if , yaki cannot compare , will you not but me brazilian hair? i will soon go to chool, instead of the book (not even books) , give me the money for ten of the books needed. with that i will over -remember you…

    till you have power to speak


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