Dear Njideka (2)

Dear Njideka,

I want to let you know that ever since our discussion yesterday, I feel that my love for you is growing stronger and stronger.  I am so proud of your home training. If you had answered me ‘Darling’ or ‘Honey’. I would have died.

But you shouted at me for disturbing your sleep.  While your mates are going to club and beer parlour, Njide you are sleeping. Njide, oh, you makes my stomach sweet. Please I will call you tomorrow night with free call again. My MTN is 08039074659. I can also try you on Glo 08058629010 and my Vodaphone is 08023082627. Please even if it is five minutes, in short two minutes, I will be grateful.

Yours ever loving,

Hopewell Okoronta.

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