Eze comes to London!


I had to wait until This Boy was down for his nap before I could risk opening the package that these came in and taking a photo.

You see, it’s his birthday next week and This Boy loves books. If he had caught me, eh, I would have spent the rest of today reading and re-reading them until I was coughing up dust with every word.

I am so excited! I ordered them from a website called Amamife – ‘Knowledge’, how apt – which I have since nicknamed Ngwa-Ngwa because of their super fast delivery.

I also found some Pacesetters books Africabookcentre.com, which is great. I can finally finish my collection. At £5.70 they are more expensive than I used to buy them on Pacesetters.com (at £4.40) but the latter website – as of yesterday – has simply disappeared, so I’ll have to pay the higher price. Every Igbo bone in my body aches at the thought.

Back to the Eze books, I can’t wait to see This Boy’s face next week. Right now, mine looks like this:


7 thoughts on “Eze comes to London!

  1. Hmmm, never heard of these books/series. Its really cool that you re trying to broaden his reading though and most praise worthy that you’ve given him a love of books. greatest gift of all 🙂

    now a side rant….graphic artists ha agwula na Obodo Nigeria?

  2. Thank you Nwunye for the website…..i already told my mom to look for these books for me back home….
    Meanwhile when is ur book coming out?……anticipation ga egbu muo…..

    1. Nne, the older the boy gets, the more difficult things are for me. PLUS I am a bit of a perfectionist so I keep tweaking and tweaking (even my editor is annoyed).

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