Blog giveaway: 50 Shades of Grey.


I’m tempted to keep these books for posterity but I shan’t for reasons listed on my Facebook page. But let me not spoil it for whoever wins.

So, rules for this giveaway are as follows. I’d like 100 words on THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING that has ever happened between you and a guy/girl you really really like. Heck, make it up if you have to.

Go crazy.

You can vote for the story you like the most and the winner will get MY copies of the trilogy. Competition closes next week Tuesday so get cracking.

I’ll announce the winner and post the books then. Remember, I’ll post it ANYWHERE.



10 thoughts on “Blog giveaway: 50 Shades of Grey.

  1. 2)I hooked up with this hot guy I liked in university. We hadn’t seen for a while so when he suggested lunch I agreed.  After the delightful meal, he offered to drop me home. As I got out of the restaurant, I slipped and my very pencil skirt, which had a front slit tore all the way to my pubic area. Did I mention I was going commando because I hate pant lines? I wanted to die. His reaction? The monkey pointed at it (the idiot) and started laughing. During the trip home, he couldn’t keep the smile off his face. He apologized but let’s just say that was the end of that. A-hole

  2. I used to work at a pool as a lifeguard, and I would open the pool. This guy I was REALLY into walked me to work early one day and we went swimming with all the lights off. Then, my boss came in and we were busted! I was so sure I was fired, but she was cool and just told me to never do it again and left it at that!

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