Got meat?


…Cos I have. Just arrived today. If not for their short lifespan I would have done a giveaway on this blog for the nostalgic palates amongst us. But as it is, I’m going to have eat most of them.

Sowee. More for me.


6 thoughts on “Got meat?

  1. aww..i’m drooling….someone got 3 for me 2weeks ago and i had to put it in the fridge, 1 for each week….thats the way it will last, den microwave and its fresh as ever……enjoy…..i envy u right now

  2. Or you can just take a chance and send them to me regardless. I won’t mind at all. Nostalgic palates in the diaspora not very pleased with this picture for some reason. Where’s that ‘app’ that converts pictures to real food when you need it?

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