‘Igbo’ nursery rhyme.

OK, OK. I lied.

This is not really an Igbo nursery rhyme, more an Igbo adjacent one. To get the full experience, switch your Rs and Ls, add extra vowels when things end in consonants (e.g. ‘Market’ to ‘Maketu’), and shorten all long syllables (‘Bird’ becomes ‘Bed’).

And if you remember this rhyme, I’ll know exactly what your peer group (not age) is!

Once I saw a little bird

Flying up, up, up

Then I said, ‘Little bird, will you stop, stop, stop.’

I was going to the window to say ‘How do you do?’

Then it shook its little tail

And away it flew!


4 thoughts on “‘Igbo’ nursery rhyme.

  1. oh my oh my

    there were 2 brackbirds sitting on the walu…onu named pita, onu named poru…come back pita, come back poru….o come back 2 brackbirds and sit on the wall…..lol…….ochi egbuola m……

    nwunye o gini ka mmadu mere gi…….

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