Girls who don’t run the world

Here’s what I said on Facebook:

Guys can barely concentrate on two things at once, especially when one of them is sex. Now if it’s true they think of sex once every four seconds, how the heck did we let them run the world?

Answers welcome.


4 thoughts on “Girls who don’t run the world

    1. Yes but why should it matter what a woman does to another woman good or bad? If a man is mean or evil to another man, they – and the world – just shrug and get on with it. If it’s a woman to a fellow woman, we start going on about ‘The Sisterhood’.
      Frick the sisterhood. I think it’s another construct we use to keep ourselves down. The minute we understand this is just a myth we’ll begin to get on with things.
      You don’t see men going on about ‘The Brotherhood’ do you?

      1. Agreed…. the world is a broken place with people stabbing each other in the back no matter what gender, race or religion. However, when it comes to any oppressed or marginalized group of people moving forward in any society there must be a sense of unity. Years ago… at least here in the states women were not allowed to vote or even work outside their homes…but people came together and fought for a common cause and adjustments were made….Same with the civil rights movements. women have come a long way since then but for women to rule or run the world there has to be a sense of general respect(unity) for each other and in my personal experience i don’t see that. Women are quick to tear each other down over petty stuff…the biggest example for me was when Hilary Clinton ran for the 2008 presidential election more women hated her than men….why?

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