Some kind of village romance

Hubs is into his OHTV and BET and AIT. He flicked to hiTV and I saw this video:

I didn’t know of the singer before now but I have since learned she is Chidinma, Season 3 winner of Nigerian music talent show, Project Fame.

Her singing is not too bad. I’d go as far as to say it’s quite nice. I like the concept of the video down to her romance with the village palm wine tapper on his bicycle.

My only niggle? No Igbo maiden of that age would have a wrapper tied so short. (I can just hear my grandmother’s voice in my head: Gini? Are you mad? In fact why are you exposing your laps to all and sundry when your mates are tying *ukwu akwa n’abo and have three children each? Ifele eme chi.)

* A married Igbo woman is symbolised by the two wrappers she ties on her waist, on on top of the other.


5 thoughts on “Some kind of village romance

  1. Tell that to the birds. Girls and women of nowadays did not get the memo. I attended a children’s event recently and in walked a mother of 3 (youngest 3 months) wearing a white dress that simply stopped at her bum. If she’d as simple as raised her hand, egwu aka adi! Tell me who has she some to show her nakedness to at a children’s event?

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