When the going is good and smooth…

Somebody just made my day.

Last week when I wrote my Nostalgia post, I was in such a mood that memories were flooding all over me. I remembered this one time that I was eating some cold paw-paw cubes straight from the fridge, sitting in the middle of the living room in my vest and pants. I had come back from school and had lunch and it was one of those rare times that all of my one million siblings were no where to be found. This song came on:

I can never hear it without thinking about eating some cold paw paw on a hot afternoon.

I wondered last week what the name of the artist was and what the song was called and whether I could find it on mp3. Then life called and I forgot all about it.

Well, today I wonder no more for I have just been sent the music WITHOUT even asking for it or even wondering aloud. Just my brainwaves bouncing around the cosmos and I have been rewarded. Sometimes, the universe amazes me. There are no coincidences, you know?

Thank you Obioma Chikwendu.


4 thoughts on “When the going is good and smooth…

  1. OMG……to think i that i have been listening to this song for the past 2 weeks….someone sent it to me as well…..d singer was an old family friend of my dad……and i remember being in awe of him when my dad took me to his office back in Enugu…..great song piece anyday….

  2. ahh..This song was a favourite as a child. It surely ranked as high as MJ’s Thriller in my eyes. trying to remember the dance step now.

    Sigh. The going was good then

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