We have family coming. Someone offer them a drink.

The blogs have finally been merged and igbogirlguide.wordpress.com will be shutting down at the end of the week – or thereabouts.

Please welcome the other part of our family as they join us here. And remember, if you didn’t know about my other blog, now is a good time for you to wander around and read any posts you might have missed since they’re now on this one. They’ll be more of those kinds of posts coming here soon.

I might also change the address for the blog to be more reflective of both sides. What do you think? I’ll make sure to put some kind of redirect or something if I go down this route.

Oh, and I might change the theme so that things are easier to find all around. That’s it. Not big changes or anything.

(Now has anyone seen Chuma? That boy is always playing. Tell him to come and take this money and run to Mama Eze down the street, quick-quick. We need cold drinks. And make sure he brings back my change, I don’t want to hear stories or both of us will put two of our legs in one trouser).


8 thoughts on “We have family coming. Someone offer them a drink.

  1. lol…..good……i’m glad for the merger….ike agwulam ina eme mpio……..please do change the name…no offense but the current one no really fit my image…..HE has asked a couple of times…….WHY I WANT TO SNAG AN IBO MAN……u get the flo…….and i say welcome to new members joining…..
    pls dont forget to give Chuma money for KPOF KPOF, ICHEKU, UDALA, KWILI KWILI and ELEWA

      1. nne…it has been taking care of it….got him to read some of the posts….and he said…..ikowarolum ifea ofuma……….(chanelling paulo)……

  2. The merger sounds like a good idea. Nne, hapu Chuma ka ogwu egwu ehnnn. After all, Mama gi zie gi ozi, adim sure na ina akpaghari before i ga ya. (Ngiri igbo kwe nu) 🙂

    1. Lol!! Ya!
      Biko, ana m eje ozi nne m ziri m tupu egwiriegwu obula maka itari!

      I’m glad you support the merger. Drag your friends and come. And don’t forget to subscribe again o! Daalu.

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