Epilogue and Rigi-rigi things.

I have almost completed my first draft; all 15 chapters, done, redone, sent off to readers, rewritten, tweaked and stacked. All that’s left is the epilogue and after 19 hours, I have decided to give myself a break and tackle it with fesh eyes tomorrow.

To celebrate the approaching conclusion of this enterprise (I’m igbo. You celebrate the potential of something and also the thing itself), I went trawling through Youtube and found this gem:

Why on earth he uses auto-tune is when he can sing like this is beyond me. If you haven’t heard this track, I guarantee that you will love it; it’s mellow and smoky and very mature. But it wouldn’t be very Flavoursome if it didn’t have a special twist at the end. Ajo nwa. (Me? Obsessed?)

My deadline is on Monday. Until then, my friends.

Ka chi foo.

7 thoughts on “Epilogue and Rigi-rigi things.

  1. This boy ehn!!! I had never even heard this one before!
    Flavour, let me have a baby for u na!!!! If your morals are doing you rigi rigi, we can do In Vitro o!
    Well done madam on the completion of the first leg.

  2. Congrats girl!….you are such an amazing writer…i followed your story on Chizy for the writing challenge you did. I loved it…please o..let us know where we can buy your book when ii is completed and published…This Flavor dude is hot!

    1. Thank you! I’m starting editing on that one next week. Just trying to give myself a break between the two (submitted the romance novel yesterday) so that the characters don’t meld into one.
      As for Flavour, you’re on your own o. I can imagine the air around him smells of singed genitals. Good luck!

  3. Hope you beat your deadline by two hours at least 🙂 all the best

    Woman, pls quit this flavor madness. its bad enough that all weekend i was humming and wriggling to ‘ashiii’ now you want my thing to be rigi riging. he’s got good vocals true. And i have slowly come to appreciate his looks too. see the fine pawpaw skin.

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