I lied. They are not. Maybe they’ll kiss or something; make it really old school. I give up for this babe, abeg.

But the good news is, 7,000 words to go. HURRAH! I did think I’d be done long before now, but life has a way of serving you cabin biscuits when all you want is bread.

Anyway, I’ll be doing a post on Yellow Igbo Boys (YIBS for short). Everyone has one.

See you soon.



9 thoughts on “7,000 words to go and things are about to get dirrrty.

  1. All the best dear as you wind down to completing your book. It’s been a while since I heard of or saw cabin biscuit. I like your sense of humor. Looking forward to the post on YIBS.

    I’ve missed your presence in my blog. :-(…..


  2. When is the yellow igbo boy story coming up? I want to serve it hot to a ‘yellow igbo friend’. I showed him something on your blog (cant remember), then e read some archives and goes sneering..”Igbo men are not like that” lolssss. See denial.

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