I promised you plenty plenty Igbo Chrstmas-related gist but I have had my hands full with a sick tot so I couldn’t. But never fear. I’ll do so soon. Just take time out from gorging yourselves on turkey (why people eat that dry meat is beyond me sef. And have you seen that thing under it’s neck? Tufiakwa. Alu melu!) to check this blog. Hopefully what you read will held you digest not regurgitate, though I cannot promise anything.

And please be careful. If your pesin decides to go to Nigeria for Christmas, better make sure they don’t have one Egovin nwa they are going home to marry. That is all.


  1. Hope Mommy’s tot is much better now. Merry Xmas to Di na Nwunye na umuaka!

    lol@alu melu. My brain refuses to make the connection between the ugly live turkey and the cooked one 🙂

    1. Daalu nwanne m nwoke. Iwe anaghi ewe m like that o! Imana it’s all in good fun. If I don’t make fun of you guys unu echee n’unu buzi chukwu. Gotta bring you down a peg, hehehe!

  2. Compliment of the season. Hope your child is much better now. You are sooooooo missing by not liking turkey. That’s some finger licking, tongue smacking goodness jor. LOL @ the Egovin nwa nwere ike ilaputa umu nwoke na alata. I can’t wait for your tales on Igbo related Christmas gists. First time here (came over from Myne Whitman’s blog). I’m loving your blog and def following. Do check out mine:

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