Can I write a novel in 30 days? With your help, I might!

So, early last month – when November seemed a long way away I might add – I did what part of me now considers to be a Very Stupid Thing. I entered a competition to start and complete a novel in 30 days.

It’s part of the National Novel Writing Month going on throughout the next month. It involves writing 50,000 words in any genre. This works out at about 1,667 words everyday. Apparently it’s not supposed to be perfect – what’s the point if not perfection of one’s craft I wonder? – I’m just meant to type. For someone like me who erases whole chapters for being subpar, this is tough!

Unfortuntely, it now seems the Fates are conspiring against me, for not only have I not got a story but now my laptop has gone kaput. But where you cannot help with the latter (unless you’re able to buy/gift me a new laptop before tomorrow? I’d be much obliged) you can definitely be of help in the story department.

The numbers do not lie; a lot of you read my blogs. What I’m now asking is that the majority of you that read without commenting please take the time to vote in the poll below, stating what genre you’d like to see me write.

I’m frightened of the huge challenge; as I’m yet to complete a novel, it’s a bit daunting. So any encouragement will be greatly appreciated. Abuse welcome too – but keep this within the context of the competition (i.e. if I fail to update everyday). In the words of Erykah Badu, “Remember I’m an artist and sensitive about my shit.”

Thank you.

UPDATE: I have set up a new blog for the competition here. I will cease writing on this one for the duration of November. See you on the other side and here’s hoping I survive the month with my wits intact. See you here on December 1!


6 thoughts on “Can I write a novel in 30 days? With your help, I might!

  1. Chiko we love you, and we want you to succeed, and you must and you will, but seriously, novels can’t be written by committee! And also, what would comedy be without some drama, and vice versa? What is sci-fi without either of those? And romance permeates everything, especially for someone who calls herself a girl, Igbo or otherwise… so aren’t you asking us the wrong question? If I were you I’d ask : guys, what will you GIVE ME if I finish this novel on time? In my case, a photo shoot of babster and Ma and Pa, a spag bol Deluxe, and an evening of dancing thrown in… xxxx

  2. I don’t like writing by genre (I’m still stuck on some chick lit novel I’m supposed to be doing), and I no longer like reading such either. But since you must, I’d say drama, cos it seems like the most ‘un-genre’ to me.

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