A good Igbo girl should never look at pictures of naked men…

...but since most of you are neither good nor Igbo, feast your eyes on this! 

These are the contestants for Silverbird’s Mr Nigeria 2011. Ah, the feminist in me rejoices!

I picked one as my favourite based on looks alone. Further digging revealed his hometown to be Umuahia. You see? Even my eye’s parameters for attractiveness included the word ‘Igbo’. It’s not my fault, I tell you!

Can you guess – without googling – which one he is? Who is your favourite?

Contestant 1 – Joseph Oluwadamilare Agossa

Name: Joseph Oluwadamilare Agossa

Occupation: 200 Level Computer science student of Lead City University

Height: 6ft 3

Contestant 2 – Alex Aarebamen Uriesi

Name: Alex Aarebamen Uriesi

Occupation: Marine Biology diploma student of University of Lagos

Height: 6ft 2

Contestant 3 – Chijoke Obi

Name: Chijoke Obi

Occupation: Industrial Physics Graduate of Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO)

Height: 6ft 5

Contestant 4 – Henry Ojini

Name: Henry Ojini

Occupation: 200 Level Computer Engineering student of North American University, Benin Rep

Height: 6ft 2

Contestant 5 – Melvin Oduah

Name: Melvin Oduah

Occupation: Actor/ Model

Height: 6ft 1

Contestant 6 – Tochukwu Nwachukwu

Name: Tochukwu Nwachukwu

Occupation: 300 Level Psychology student of Unizik

Height: 6ft 3

Contestant 7 – Solomon Horsfall

Name: Solomon Horsfall

Occupation: 200 Level Economics student of University of Ibadan

Height: 6ft 3

Contestant 8 – Ayomikun Ezekiel Odunwole

Name: Ayomikun Ezekiel Odunwole

Occupation: 200 Level Political Science student of Uni. Ado Ekiti

Height: 6ft 3

Contestant 9 – Oluwagbemiga Adetuberu

Name: Oluwagbemiga Adetuberu

Occupation: Fitness coach/Boxer

Height: 6ft

Contestant 10 – Oscar Okwachi

Name: Oscar Okwachi

Occupation: 500 Level Public Admin student of Uni. Of Calabar

Height: 6ft 1

Contestant 11 – Christopher Obia

Name: Christopher Obia

Occupation: Graduate of Business Admin/ Model

Height: 6ft

Contestant 12 – Bandele Adebule

Name: Bandele Adebule

Occupation: Economics graduate of Covenant University

Height: 6ft

Contestant 13 – Ugochukwu Uzowuihe

Name: Ugochukwu Uzowuihe

Occupation: 400 Level Business Admin student of Benson Idahosa University

Height: 6ft 2

Contestant 14 – Chidi Onuike

Name: Chidi Onuike

Occupation: Graduate of Geology/Home interiors businessman

height: 6ft 6

Contestant 15 – Deji Bakare

Name: Deji Bakare

Occupation: Multimedia Specialist

Height: 6ft 4

Contestant 16 – Ikorishor Ajabi

Name: Ikorishor Ajabi

Occupation: 500 Level Forestry Student of University of Agric, Makurdi

Height: 6ft 2

Contestant 17 – Nonso Nduba Ikenna

Name: Nonso Nduba Ikenna

Height: 6ft 6

Contestant 18 – Chuks Onyeka Obichukwu

Name: Chuks Onyeka Obichukwu

Occupation: Computer Engineer

Height: 6ft 2

Who would you like to win?

More information: 

Follow the Mr Nigeria competition here : www.twitter.com/mr_nig

Facebook address: www.facebook.com/silverbirdmrnigeria


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