Hey guys,

Thank you so much with being patient with me. When I started this blog, the plan was to update it every Thursday, but the past few Thursdays have come and gone without regular updates apart from the Hero Series  life has been getting in the way. Many of you still don’t know how to snag that Igbo man of your dreams so I will get back to that topic as well as continuing to save your butts – as our American cousins say – Hero style.

Meanwhile, I have come across a blog post which just summarises my position. Well, not exactly; unlike the author I have since done an MA which got me a job at the world’s greatest broadcasting company, but I totally understand his position. Many of us actually start blogs for the self-same reason: Fame.

So I guess, here’s hoping that one day I will get that book deal I am working on but until then, keep reading and if you like anything on my blog, don’t forget to pass on the link to your friends and family. Your enemies too (they’re not my enemies!).

Enjoy this blog post: Oops, I Got an English Degree!.


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